Football Combo


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Lunkerhunt Football Combos™ feature Custom Football Heads and Lunkerhunt Hog Grubs.

The Custom Football Head and Hog Grub combo have been uniquely engineered and paired together to work as an efficient fish catching combination. Their bodies, paint patterns and high quality components flow together seamlessly.

The shape of the Lunkerhunt Hog Grub will work well with any type of jig. It especially excels when fished on the Lunkerhunt Football Head. The Hog Grub has a large, but narrow profile. The profile creates a target while the narrowness of the body enables a quick sink rate. This allows anglers to cover a lot of water and present a visible target at the same time.

Custom Combos can be worked super slowly or quickly. They can be hopped, ripped and stroked over structure and through covers to generate strikes. They effectively cover underwater structures such as ledges, humps, pockets, points and ridges. Double wire keepers hold the Hog Grubs in place whenever baits encounter cover.

  • 1/4 oz Football Head
  • 3 inch fat grub body (Hog Grub)
  • 4 inch profile when rigged
  • Creative eye catching packaging puts the fun back into fishing
  • Each pack contains: 2 heads and 5 scented bodies
  • All heads are 1/4 oz
  • Lures are based on trending fish catching techniques that are being used by anglers nation wide
  • Proven color combinations
  • High quality components including bait keepers, specialty hooks

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