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The Lunkerhunt Hive NED Drone pairs one of the hottest fishing styles with Lunkerhunt’s U.D.S.P material to bring you a soft plastic that can be fished longer before needing to rerig bait. Made with Ultra Durable Soft Plastic, these lures can withstand lots of stretching and pulling from the relentless teeth of predator fish.

The NED Drone features a deep-ribbed solid body that will float and present itself vertically in the water when rigged with a NED jig head. This combination will generate higher hook-up ratios on even the smallest of nibbles, bites, and attacks.

  • Length: 2.75in
  • Made from Ultra Durable Soft Plastic material
  • Floating soft plastic
  • Available in 6 go to fish catching colors
  • 8 pieces per pack


Customer Reviews

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Kerry Shapiro
Lunkerhunt Hive Ned Drone in Goby Color

I was fishing for smallmouth bass on 4/13/23 on the Tennessee River in Florence, AL. The previous few days the ned bite was pretty good, and I caught a 5.13 lb. smallie on 4/10 and a 4.23 smallie on 4/12, both days using 2 3/4" slender finesse baits in muted colors on 1/10 oz. and 1/15 oz. finesse jigheads, in wind conditions around 5 mph. On 4/13, the wind was blowing from the east at 17 mph, making for more challenging lure presentations and line control. I put on a Lunkerhunt Hive Ned Drone in Goby color, texas-rigging it on a 1/6 oz. EWG ned-type jighead with the Ned Drone's pearl side up, for better visibility in 8 feet of water. After one hour, I had a strike from what turned out to be a gorgeous and egg-filled 3.68 smallie, landing her quickly, taking a photo, and returning her safely back to the water. I think the extra bulk and the more visible pearl-colored underside which I rigged to be the topside was the extra dimension that got that fish's attention.

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