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The Lunkerhunt Yappa Bug is a topwater lure that has been designed to disturb the water surface while mimicking the North American Waterbug. The waterbug is a common forage of bass and other gamefish species. The Yappa Bug is capable of generating several different topwater actions. Straight retrieve for a tight shimmy action or work it on slack line to create wide swings. Measuring 3 inches long and weighing 1/2oz, the Lunkerhunt Yappa Bug features a flexible transparent bill that generates amazing action that makes the Lunkerhunt Yappa Series truly unique.

  • Length: 2.75in
  • Weight: 1/2oz
  • Flared lip displaces water creating noise and action bass can’t resist
  • Body movement creates surface wake
  • Soft hollow body construction
  • Weedless design
  • High quality finish
  • Ready to fish


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
John Schmid
Love My Yappa Bug

Big bass simply love Yappa Bug. Your lures are fantastic fish catching success.

Bryan Mendez

Everything has got its eyes on the Yappa bug.
I’ve had Bullfrogs, bluegills and even some birds🤣.
The Yappa bug gives its STUNNING swivel side to side, bass cannot resist the action on this thing. After a good few twitches put a good pause in between and SMACK you got yourself another Lunker.
Next is the beetle.
@ suburbfishermen

Yappa Bug is no joke

This thing is like gold. I had over 30 blow ups. Bass slam it. Bluegill try. Even dragonflies follow it on the water. It’s better than a jitterbug because of the soft body.

Stephen Myers

Got great baits I love and use often.

Hunter Lackey

I don’t write many reviews on baits. But 2 days in heavily fished Tennessee waters post Covid... this bait is unreal. Yesterday landed two 3.5’s. Tonite right at dark I had a mega explosion and landed an 8lb fish off this bait...it’s like a frog, you have to wait till they take it under before you set the hook; but man oh man they slam it. All 3 fish I caught have left their beds to T bone this bait as it scurries on the surface... I will be buying all of the colors I am so thankful I have it a try... the only con is because the bait is plastic, it occasionally runs upside down on retrieval or randomly dives. So after you throw it, vary your retrieval Speeds and rod tip location until you get a cadence going and get ready! 5 stars! -TnYak&Tackle

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