Magic Bean


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With a body profile the length of a penny, the Lunkerhunt Magic Bean weighs in at a whopping 1/4 oz. Great for vertical jigging, casting, & ice fishing, the Magic Bean has a rotating blade on its tail that calls fish in and generates strikes. Available in 7 color styles.

  • 0.75”, 1/4 oz
  • Tail Spin
  • 7 patterns available
  • Low profile
  • Finesse search bait

Customer Reviews

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Hunter G
Did not expect this to perform that well!

I was at my local canadian tire browsing when I came upon this little "magic bean" on sale, figure eh why not, I've never seen one before. Just out of curiosity because of the size, I took it to my favorite little brook trout spot and was instantly amazed, every cast I had atleast a bite. Due to the laws here I had to swap out the treble hook for a single barbless but was still landing brook trout almost every cast with no bait. Definitely going back to buy more colors!

Magic bean

Love the magic bean. My FAVORITE ice fishing hook.

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