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The Lunkerhunt Lunker Frog is the most lifelike frog currently available in the industry. The Lunker Frog replicates an adult frog and has swimming legs that extend during the retrieve and retract on the pause. At rest the Lunker Frog is 2.25 inches and will extend up to 4.5 inches on the retrieve. The Lunker Frog behaves just like a living frog would in the water. At rest, the body of the Lunker frog drops down a little into the water perfectly replicating the action of a frog/bullfrog. This also results in higher hook-up percentages. The Lunker Frog features high quality components, a super soft hollow body construction, and a weedless design.

  • Length: 2.25in
  • Weight: 1/2oz
  • Legs extend on the retrieve
  • Legs retract and body drops on the pause
  • Soft hollow body construction
  • Weedless design
  • High quality finish
  • Ready to fish
  • One of the most popular techniques of freshwater anglers


Customer Reviews

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Haseeb Suhail


Ronald Rapp

Lunker Frog

Brent Genseke
Best frog lure out there

I have tried a lot of frogs, and the Lunkerhunt, either popping, or pocket, is by far the best one out there. Hooksets do not miss. Either one good hook, or double hooks, this lure does not miss fish. The walking action and leg action are lifelike and work well to attract fish.

Bryan Wright
My Favorite Frog

Love the way it attracts the bass. And if you work it right it will ripple the water and attract them

Shane Richard

I bought the fire belly lunker frog it's lf08 2.25" 1/2 Oz at canadain tire at first went fishing at my buddy's cottage second cast I see a monster pike hit it I missed it 4th cast I get this monster bass let it go then my 10th cast another monster pike snapped my line and I lost it so as soon as I got to land went to 6 store only found 1 then went online and bought the last 7 in store sry guys :p

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