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The Lunkerhunt Prop Fish Sunfish and Prop Fish Shad have been designed after two of the most popular freshwater gamefish forage species. Like the Prop Frog, they also feature a soft plastic hollow body.

What makes the Lunkerhunt Prop Fish unique is its single prop system. This single prop system has a subtler action than that of the double prop system of the Prop Frog. During the retrieve, the Prop Fish has a surface churning action that closely mimics bait fish breaking the surface, as well as cutting through and around cover. The Prop Fish excels when fish are pressured, spooked, and super shallow. It has a weedless hook system and streamlined body shape that enables it to effectively torpedo through and skip under cover, which enables it to get into the hard to reach places where no other prop baits have been before. When fish strike, high quality, super sharp, weedless hooks are there to greet them.

  • Single loud prop
  • Weedless design
  • Wide gap hooks
  • Great topwater action
  • Length: 3.25in
  • Weight: 1/2oz


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Dewanna Rogers
Sun fish

I had bought this for someone’s birthday.

Michael Ovaska
Great lures

All the lures I have purchased are great and they work amazing in the right condition

Todd Murray
Awesome Prop action

I love this bait! It kicks up one heck of a bubble trail for un-presidented top water action!

Michael Harris

Worked perfectly for what I fish 🐟

Jesse Smith
Wonderful bait

I was looking for a quality bait for bass fishing. Found some awesome too waters from Lunkerhunt!! I have used the spiders, magic bean and some other lures from them. Every single lure has had either a huge blow up or a heck of a strike.... I am happy and excited to have this tackle in my box, cause I know that I will have a hit anytime I throw it out!!!! Good job LUNKERHUNT for making an exceptional bait!!

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