Wire Arm Finesse Kit - Inline Kit


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The Lunkerhunt Wire Arm Finesse Inline Kit offers the angler one pre-rigged Inline Spinner with a finesse style Mushroom Jig Head and a Curly Tail Grub, as well as two additional Curly

Tail Grubs in each package. These kits were designed with all anglers in mind. Whether you are fishing a pond or that big tourney, these will get those hard-to-catch fish intrigued and biting.

Product Features
- Length 3in
- Weight 1/4oz
- 1 wire arm inline spinner
- 1 pre-rigged body
- 2 extra bodies
- Hook size: 1

Customer Reviews

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I like single blade baits for working slow and these fill that slot to perfection. The modified Indian type blade thumps and shakes the bait, bounces really well along the riprap. The small size fits my finesse style and not every small spinner bait gives you good blade movement. This one spins with the easiest of moves.