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Lunkerhunt Flutter Jigs are designed for offshore, near shore, and inshore fishing. They are effective when fished from boat, kayak, reefs, piers, and wharfs. The Flutter Jig has a unique UV coating that helps fish visibly find the lure in a wide range of water conditions.

Lunkerhunt Flutter Jigs have a unique non-symmetrical tapered shape that cause them to flutter and tumble on the fall. Double dressed assist hooks flail seductively through the water mimicking a dying or battered baitfish in the water.

All Lunkerhunt Assist Jigs work well with speed retrieves, lift and fall retrieves and traditional jigging techniques. They have been designed for saltwater fishing but also catch a wide range of freshwater species as well.

  • Great for inshore and offshore fishing
  • Catches a wide variety of saltwater species
  • Can be jigged vertically or cast
  • Unique shape and fluttering action
  • Assist hook and circle hook with dressing for high land rates
  • UV Coated

Customer Reviews

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Jason Koontz
Jigs work great vertical jigging for Striped Bass.

These jigs are very high quality and have a nice flutter wobble action when they fall. I've been using them very successfully vertical jigging for Striped Bass in the Chesapeake Bay. The heavier weights are good for areas with strong current while the lighter 2oz jig is good for more calm conditions. These out-fish traditional 'stick' jigs by a lot!

Bobby-Jo Hill
Great Gift

I have not used, but I gifted this product and the recipient was happy to recieve.

Liane Harcourt

Good products and fast service

Lunkerhunt flutter jig review


I’ve had great success with using your flutter jigs. I first ordered them from Amazon via a friends recommendation. Tried to order more through Amazon, but were no longer available. I went straight to Lunkerhunt website and found that shipping is not available to Hawaii. I ended up ordering a bunch of flutter jigs and had them sent to family in California. Then shipped to Hawaii. Great product, but would like to be able to get shipped directly to myself. Keep making a great product! Mahalo!

Terrific quality reasonable prices

Life like looks and movements, can’t wait for bass season. Been out a few times on rivers that haven’t frozen yet, Michigan in late January so there’s not many within reasonable distance, hoping to catch a hungry pike on the prowl. More than pleased with the products. Repeat buyer

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