Spade Grub Bait Jar


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Infused with scent, Lunkerhunt Bait Jars™ excel where live bait falls short. Lunkerhunt Bait Jar™ Lures feature a special technology that makes them more durable than other baits or soft plastics. Bait Jar Lures will not dry out in the sun and will maintain their performance both in and out of the water. All Bait Jars come packed full of baits and are infused with Lunkerhunt's very own Lunker Attractant™.

  • 1.5 inches in length
  • Infused with Lunkerhunt’s very own Lunker Attractant™
  • Great value, approximately 9g of micro baits per jar
  • Re-sealable jar
  • Will not dry out

Customer Reviews

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Fish Stories SD
Panfish Slayers

These little spade grubs absolutely slay bluegill, crappie and small bass. We usually use live wax worms for panfishing but these spade grubs got bit just as much as our live grubs & lasted 10x longer. One of us used the same spade grub all afternoon & caught over 12 fish on it. Baits in the jar can get slightly deformed (curved) from the way they lay on each other but they seemed to straighten out once on the hook and the fish didn’t seem to notice.

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