Yappa Frog


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The Lunkerhunt Yappa Frog is a hollow bodied topwater frog that ploughs the water surface. The Yappa Frog mimics a frog swimming on the water surface and is capable of generating several different topwater actions. On a straight retrieve, the Yappa Frog produces a tight shimmy action. Working it on slack line, will generate wide swings. The Yappa Frog is 2.25 inches long, weighs 1/2oz, and has silicone skirts for legs. The Yappa Frog also features the flexible transparent bill that generates amazing action and makes the Lunkerhunt Yappa Series truly unique.

  • Length: 2.25 inches
  • Weight: 1/2 oz
  • Flared lip displaces water creating noise and action bass can’t resist
  • Body movement creates surface wake
  • Skirted legs flare
  • Soft hollow body construction
  • Weedless design
  • High quality finish
  • Ready to fish


Customer Reviews

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Mike S.
Very cool

I have one of these already, my son uses it all the time, one of his favorite baits, wanted to get him another one in a different color to give him more options for different conditions.

Douglas Fudge
Yappa frog

Great addition to my top water tackle !

Bill&Ardis Brandt
Sure-fire top water bass lure

When I picked up a Yappa frog at a local WI tackle shop, I did not know that I had just purchased my new favorite lure. It is a real producer of medium and large bass plus an occasional pike. It is the most weedless lure I have ever used and it never gets caught up in lilly pads or reeds. Fish love it and so do I.

John Schmid
My Yappa Frog and my 5lb. Bass

Really great products. I have been having amazing results using your lures. They are all fish catchers....................

Casey Pyle

Customer service was excellent

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